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Barbican Young Poets’ Anthology

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Barbican Young Poets' Anthology

I was lucky enough to be asked back to perform at the Barbican Poets’ Showcase on March 27th 2013 as an alumni. They are all so talented and I was honoured to share a stage with them. What I felt was an overwhelming sense of community, which cannot be underestimated. Surround yourself with inspiring people and they won’t let your creativity become stagnant.

Get a copy of their anthology, it is phenomenal.

How to get under the skin of someone who lets you go.

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When you lose someone, if you get on with your life, keeping your head up, your pride in place and your positive outlook unchanged, they will notice. Maybe not in a week, or a month, but over time they’ll see what they let go of. And they’ll kick themselves for losing you. The most beautiful part is that you won’t care about them by the time they reach that resolution. You won’t need them and you’ll realise you never did. And you’ll be happy, whilst they’re pining for the beautiful person you are, with or without them.