30 Poems in 30 Days – Poems #7 – #9

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Poem #7

Her mouth was the colour of copper coins.
When she spoke, worlds yet to be discovered
shuddered in the wake of her words.

Poem #8

She tasted like magazine print.

Poem #9

Today, I aim to be sophisticated.
I’m wearing a thirty pound blazer and black platform shoes, my aim
is to be sophisticated.

My friend need not remind me of the night I tried to be classy:
sent snapchats at 6am of day breaking,
entered our house, rested in his room before reaching mine
and making my bed a cocoon until well into the next evening.
Regardless, today I am trying to be sophisticated.

First day as an intern,
hiding my potty mouth behind newly cut hair.
Smile, be confident, leave early.

What actually occurs:
I am standing outside St Paul’s station realising I should have got out at Bank,
attempting to reach a red pin on Google Maps.

It decides to rain,
It decides to rain so hard it feels like there is a water park in the sky,
I am underneath the waves.

After a twelve minute swim, I am standing outside a glass building with revolving doors,
the type of place where people hire other people to hold umbrellas for them
as they get out of black cabs.

There is water dripping from my nose,
as if it were a ski slope and the rain a skier snowploughing to the bottom.
I walk in with confidence,
blushing on the inside, a scarlet red reserved for first fights and first loves.

There is no mirror in the lift – who would put a lift with no mirrors in a building made of glass?

Floor Seven – I reach their reception, give my name, she types it in,
then looks up “it’s bad weather today isn’t it?”
My plug hole of a mouth gurgles a response.
“Do you want to use the toilet? It’s just to your right.”
I skulk to the ladies, sophistication in tatters, along with my running eye-liner.

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