30 Poems in 30 Days – Poem #20

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Poem #20 

For Jack – ii.

Strength is not about muscle or your gym routine.

It’s about how hard you love,
how far your voice carries across wind battered storms –
you don’t ever need to change who you are.

Be your sarcastic, close to the bone, cutting humoured self.
Those who can’t handle it aren’t worth your time.

Don’t let anyone waste your time –
it is running out faster than either of us could ever imagine.

Right now we are young,
the sun is jealous of our youth,
but it has learnt to burn brighter than our bodies have ever tried to.

I am tired of us wasting ourselves
on people who use others as stepping stones,
on days that won’t hold us properly, that throw us to the night

all chewed up

we have been raw for too long,
let’s simmer in this summer heat that’s just about to settle –

if we can’t make them love us,
we will love ourselves until there is no room for their praise;
until they begin to love the way we love,
want to love their own insecurities the way we love ours –

with utter abandon,
unadulterated admiration.

The sun keeps shifting in the sky because it is laughing at our happiness,
visits Australia before rising on a new day and still we love ourselves silly,
like we can see the future

and all the people who didn’t love us like they were supposed to
are somewhere in the back of a theatre,
trying to get tickets to see our sold out show.

Can you feel the weight of their dead eyes lifting from your broad shoulders?

If it ever gets too much – remember
our bedroom walls are paper thin and I can hear it if you say my name.
I am one wall away, praying for you to love yourself harder than anyone else will ever dare.

  1. I always go back to this poem because for reasons I can’t put into words, it speaks to me.

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