Slambassadors 17th August

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Last night I performed at a Slambassadors gig set up by Joelle Taylor – it was a two and a half hour poetical romp of perfection. I love each Slambassadors gig because I’m continuously reminded just how talented everybody is – each time they step on stage they bring something new and even better than before. I come out of each gig emotionally drained and ready to write fifty new poems that evening. 

Joelle reminded me that it was in the same venue – Richmix – four years ago that I performed as one of the national Slambassador winners. A reel of images were playing in the background the whole night which contained two horrific photos of myself – but she can be forgiven for letting that happen because of the dedication that she constantly shows to discovering new talent, then giving them spaces to perform across London, everyone has so much love for Joelle. 

When you witness a crazily talented 18 year old deliver a poem which is so truthful that she breaks down on stage and has the audience in tears and full of admiration for her talent and courage, you know that this is why you write – this is the power that words can have. 

Slambassador gigs are always so varied – hard hitting poems mixed with fast-paced MC verses and incredible beat boxing. 

I am inspired once again and am going to spend the rest of the week writing whilst replaying each performance in my head. 

Shout outs to Richmix, Joelle Taylor, and all of the performers:

Niquelle Latouche, Alistair Grey, Zionite, Tolu Igiti, Gabriel Akamo, Lewis Buxton, Kareem Parkins Brown, Ollie O’Neill, Jamal Msebele and BaddaBoomTee


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